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4 Things to Consider When Buying a Dance Leotard

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4 Things to Consider When Buying a Dance Leotard

The right dancewear can impact your performance and so it’s important that you find dancewear which delivers on appearance, comfort and functionality. We have an extensive range of products available to make it easy to find the perfect dancewear for your needs! When buying dance leotards for any purpose there’s guidelines to follow to help you get the best dancewear for your needs. 

Tilly Liquid Foil Freestyle Dance Leotards

A Guide to finding the perfect dance leotard


Cut -Sleeveless, one sleeve, criss cross, polo, keyhole, the right cut of dance leotard can offer both the right amount of support and the appearance you require. Take a look at our wide range of dance leotards, and find one that you love today! 

Fabric - Do you want velvet, cotton, lycra, meryl and velvet/lycra combinations. Different materials can have a dramatic effect on the look. Eye catching metallic dance leotards are well suited for shows or performances, whereas cotton is more commonly chosen for practice or lessons. 

Size - Getting the right size can be tricky! So make sure you take a look at our sizing guide before ordering. We also offer a full 21 day money back guarantee if you do order the wrong size dance leotard. 

Colour - Here at Wholesale dance we pride ourselves on our exceptional choice of colours. We’re constantly adding to our selection of patterns and colours to ensure that you always have the perfect shade of dance leotard to meet your tastes and theme. From neon greens to classic ballet pinks, we have something to suit everyone. 

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We provide dance leotards from a wide range of brands which include Dance Designs and Capezio, to ensure you get the highest quality dance leotards! Here at Wholesale Dance we’ve been in the dance industry for over 30 years and we know the importance of providing professional standard dance wear at competitive prices. If you would like  any further information about any of our dancewear then please get in touch with a member of our team.

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Wholesale Dance was established in 1989 and has evolved into one of the premier UK dancewear suppliers. As a major distributor and manufacturer of dancewear we pride ourselves in the wide range of choice we offer, with products ranging from dance leotards and catsuite to ballet and tap dance shoes, for all ages and sizes and in an array of stylish dance designs.

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